British Sign Language Enabling Service
Shortlisted for the 2016 and 2018 Exmouth Business Awards.
Winner of the 2017 Exmouth Business Awards

Exmouth Business Awards 2017 Finalist


I have worked with many individuals and authorities over the past 2 years and am very proud of the feedback that I have received in that time.

Please check out some of the kind words below. Click on the images and links to view the full testomnial in PDF format.

Sharon supports in all aspects of everyday life, socially, mentally, health and encourages independence in supporting all of these. Sharon is an exceptional person, not only in her work but as an individual. She goes beyond the call of duty. She is a very special individual… [Read More]


It is my experience of working with Sharon that she derives a great deal of personal and professional satisfaction helping people to gain levels of control in their lives which without her support may not have been perceived to be possible by the person or in some cases their family and friends… [Read More]


I can say that without Sharon’s assistance and support, my client would not have been able to cope with the move, but is now happy and settled in her new home. On a number of occasions Sharon has gone above and beyond what is expected… [Read More]

I would like to express my professional and personal thoughts on BSL enabling. Sharon Brown (BSL Enabling) has demonstrated her compassion, skills, experience and professionalism in order to provide an individual and personalised enabling service to people who require paid support… [Read More]


I have worked closely with Sharon over the past year and her commitment to her clients is second to none. She spends a lot of her own time supporting the people she looks after and i have seen the changes in these people that would not happen without her input… [Read More]


When Sharon is working with her clients she has the unique ability of being able to put them at their ease immediately. She has such a calm and confident presence about her and works so hard to make a difference and gives them a better quality of life… [Read More]